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Fic: A Bright Particular Star
escribo wrote in remussirius
Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: A Bright Particular Star
Author: flambeau
Word Count: ~25,000
Alternate Links to Fic: under the name Torch on ao3
Rating: R
Contains: * nothing but pure awesomeness*
Author's Website/Masterlist: Here, I suppose ETA: The writer has a website here.
Why I'm recommending this: why you've chosen to rec this fic - review, quotations, etc.
Excerpt: This has been one of my favorite stories full stop since I first read it a couple of years ago. I love the characterizations, particularly Remus, and the sense of magic throughout the story. I love feeling fully immersed in the world, and then the boys fall in love :D

"My fingers are cold," he said, tucking one ungloved hand into the pocket of Remus's robes, since he wasn't wearing any of his own. "Remus, seriously, did you put chocolate liqueurs in all your pockets? I think I just squished one. Sorry."

"Barbarian." Remus grabbed Sirius's hand by the wrist and pulled it out of his pocket. There was chocolate all over Sirius's fingers and crème de menthe running down his wrist. Remus shook his head at the waste and began to lick it up. Heady, though not nearly enough to be intoxicating, and then the chocolate, a thick mess of it, sticking to Sirius's skin-- Glancing up, Remus found that Sirius was staring at him with wide, shocked eyes. He froze. "Er. Sorry?"

Sirius tried to twist his hand out of Remus's grasp, and Remus let go at once; Sirius turned away and plunged both hands into the snow, using it to clean away some of the mess. "Remind me never to get between you and your chocolate ever again."

"I'm sorry," Remus said again, helplessly. "I wasn't thinking. And I suppose I'm still hungry."

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Thank you so much for this wonderful rec! *blush* I do have a website, it's here: torch @ doubleagent. More complete than ao3 as yet! :)

I've updated the post with your website. And you're most welcome. As I said, this is one of my most favorite fics, and your writing in this fandom influenced my thoughts about the boys a lot, so thank you for sharing your work.

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