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Ode to a change...
Grumpy Jamie

I'm going to turn this into a Masterlist of my Remus Lupin/Sirius Black fanart. It's a mirror account at my remussirius headquarters at Dreamwidth, but LJ first!

Love, Jamie/myprettycabinet/mypretty_art

REC- Fic: Romeo in Black Jeans by Musesfool
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<i>[submitted on behalf of lilah80]</i>:

Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: Romeo in Black Jeans
Author: musesfool
Word Count: 4,235
Rating: PG-13
Contains: wanking
Author's Website/Masterlist: HERE
Why I'm recommending this: I really could choose any one of musesfool's get-together fics, since they are all lovely. I chose this one because the scene quoted below makes me laugh like a loon.
"You didn't even use a silencing charm."

"Why should I? I haven't anything to be ashamed of. You made me hard and now I'm having it off. Going to think about you while I'm doing it, too."

Fic: As Red as Hearts and Autumn, by rosemaryandrue
remus &amp; sirius are hip to your jive
Theme: MWPP Get-Together
Title: As Red as Hearts and Autumn
Author: rosemaryandrue
Word Count: 46,890
Alternate Links to Fic: here @ author's LJ
Rating: PG-13
Contains: No warnings apply
Author's Website/Masterlist: here @ AO3, or here @ author's LJ

Summary: It's the autumn of Sixth Year, there's a flu epidemic at Hogwarts, and the Blacks want their heir back.

Why I'm recommending this: There are so many things to love within this fic. It was written in 2005 for scarvesnhats, the autumn edition of the seasonal fic-a-day challenges that used to run in R/S fandom, so it has a gentle and steady day-at-a-time pacing that works well for a fic about two boys in the 1970s gradually coming to realise they fancy one another. It's gorgeously written, and being seasonally-inspired, it's full of the most beautiful of autumnal imagery: harvest fruits, falling leaves, snagging scarves, the nip of frost at the windows. rosemaryandrue's prose style is lean, lyrical and full of warmth, infused with humour and wit and moments of introspection, and a plot surprisingly engaging for what is in essence a 47K character study of all the Marauders. Oh heavens, her characterisation is to die for: long-suffering Remus and his hatred of his prefects' meetings, and Sirius' obsession with Remus' ankles! 'Tis this above all else - the characters and the author's obvious affection for them all - that keeps me coming back to this fic and the 'verse it's part of. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Excerpt: excerpt from chapter three, First FallCollapse )

Fic: Boiling Point by anniesj
Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: Boiling Point
Author: anniesj
Word Count: 8415
Alternate Links to Fic: http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=4599
Rating: NC-17
Contains: *Language, sexual situation*
Author's Website/Masterlist: http://archive.skyehawke.com/authors.php?no=717
Why I'm recommending this: Remus & Sirius stuck in a boiler room all night with their raging hormones and feelings they are just starting to discover--what's not to love? It's horny teenage boys at their sweetest, sexiest, and funniest, with an annoyed but horny Remus and an endearing Sirius who won't take no for an answer.
Excerpt: Read more...Collapse )

Fic: A Bright Particular Star
Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: A Bright Particular Star
Author: flambeau
Word Count: ~25,000
Alternate Links to Fic: under the name Torch on ao3
Rating: R
Contains: * nothing but pure awesomeness*
Author's Website/Masterlist: Here, I suppose ETA: The writer has a website here.
Why I'm recommending this: why you've chosen to rec this fic - review, quotations, etc.
Excerpt: This has been one of my favorite stories full stop since I first read it a couple of years ago. I love the characterizations, particularly Remus, and the sense of magic throughout the story. I love feeling fully immersed in the world, and then the boys fall in love :D I have too many favorite parts to quote but thisCollapse )

Art: Follow Your Own Tracks
Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: Follow Your Own Tracks
Artist: kath_ballantyne
Image Count: 1 (but multiple inside the one)
Alternate Links to Art: None that I could find
Rating: PG-13
Contains: * partial nudity *
Artist's Website/Masterlist: art masterlist
Why I'm recommending this: why you've chosen to rec this fic - review, quotations, etc.

It shows a beautiful story in a really beautiful way. Every time I see it, I think of the beginning of a song in Alice in Wonderland "I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it". Remus is given advice from someone who wants to protect him but he finds his own way.

Fic: Undone by librae
HP - Sirius - Don&#39;t ask
Theme: april, getting together
Title: Undone
Author: librae
Word Count: 4400
Alternate Links to Fic: skyehawke
Rating: NC-17
Contains: *sexual situations*
Author's Website/Masterlist: skyehawke
Why I'm recommending this: I absolutely love this fic, not only is it ridiculously hot, but there's something utterly adorable about the unsaid and implied things throughout it. The way Remus is absolutely ashamed of himself, and Sirius is most definitely up to something. Everyone just feels so in-character and it's such a different sort of getting together fic. There are feelings and worry, but they're not at the forefront, there's no long-term plans, they feel so much like the teenagers they are in this fic, it's fantastic.
Excerpt: 'Absolute pervert,' Remus said somberly. 'That's what you are.'Collapse )

eeeek, did I do it right?

(no subject)
Book, Reading, raised eyebrows
Theme: get together
Title: How High the Moon
Author: escribo/
Word Count: 866
Alternate Links to Fic:
Rating: PG
Contains: *boy kissing*
Author's Website/Masterlist:
Why I'm recommending this: It's short but sweet kiss between the boys and Remus has to be the brave one when Sirius gets cold feet.
Excerpt: “Just forget it. It was a joke.”Collapse )

FIC: Boys Keep Swinging by Midnitemaraud_r
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Submitted by jenesaispas21:

Theme: get-together
Title: Boys Keep Swinging
Author: midnitemaraud_r
Word Count: ~13,000
Alternate Links to Fic: ff.net - Fic
Rating: (Hard) R
Contains: *Remus getting caught in a compromising position*
Author's Website/Masterlist: Masterlist
Why I'm recommending this: This was the fic that brought me into the R/S fandom, full stop. Smart, witty, and that perfect balance of awkwardness. Also? HOT.
Excerpt: He opened his eyes and looked at his watch: Fifteen minutes past eleven. Bugger. This day, this entire holiday, was just going to drag on endlesslyCollapse )

FIC & ART: Parasitic Plants and Moping Marauders by Mrs_Jack_Turner & Mypretty_Art
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Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: Parasitic Plants and Moping Marauders
Author: mrs_jack_turner
Artist: mypretty_art
Word Count: 8220
Alternate Links to Fic & Art: Fic/Art
Rating: PG-13
Contains: *Lily having a crush on Remus*
Author's Website/Masterlist: Author's PDF Masterlist/Artist's Art Tag
Why I'm recommending this: Because I helped make it! And because it's good! And because we both really enjoyed working on it, and I personally feel that it shows in the quality. It's such a sweet story, and the tension and conflict is so perfectly balanced with the bits of humour sprinkled throughout. It's Christmassy, and it's fuzzy and romantic. :)

Excerpt: Read more...Collapse )

FIC: Anticipation by Mindabbles
Grumpy Jamie
Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: Anticipation
Author: mindabbles
Word Count: about 6000
Alternate Links to Fic: Dreamwidth
Rating: R
Contains: *Sexual situations*
Author's Website/Masterlist: LJ Masterlist, under construction
Why I'm recommending this: Because this fic has the perfect title. I mean that in the sense that it epitomises the feeling of anticipation. The boys realise they like each other, and keep almost-getting-together, and the tension builds and builds. And it's all just so sweet, and perfect. James is hilarious in it too.
Excerpt: Sirius moved his knee and their legs touched.Collapse )

April's Rec Theme!
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They say April showers bring May flowers, so please shower us with recs of:



The header template post is HERE, all posts are moderated, so if you're in any doubt as to whether your rec is applicable, just send it in, and if we feel it doesn't fit, we just won't post it & we'll tell you why. :D

Art: April by Duskblue...
remussirius: wrecking ball GIF
Title: April
Artist: duskblue
Image Count: 1
Alternate Links to Art: DeviantArt Post
Rating: G
Contains: *Planned Pranks and Shenanigans, for sure*
Artist's Website/Masterlist: DeviantArt Account
Why I'm recommending this: Because not only did the lovely duskblue step up at the last minute to help out and do my birth month for our calendar, but it's beautiful too!! Look how handsome they both are. And how appealing the Zonko's merch is. I wanna pull pranks with pretty boxes. And it looks JUST like shitty April UK weather - in a good way, promise. :D

FIC: Tom Jones (A Love Story) by Wook77
Grumpy Jamie
Title: Tom Jones (A Love Story)
Author/Artist: wook77
Word Count/Image Count: ~23,800
Alternate Links to Fic: Just the header at the original bigbangblackout post
Rating: NC-17
Contains: *Non-Magical AU*
Author/Artist's Website: Author's profile sites: Memories page.
Why I'm recommending this: I always come back to this story, over and over, and I love it so much. It's so romantic, which just enough tension. I haven't been reading much lately, but I got an urge about a month ago, to read this fic, and I did. I love giddy!Remus without him being girly!Remus. And their are hints of a lovestruck Sirius, despite being Remus' POV. Features some great art too.
Excerpt: Maybe. James knows I think your arse is highly shaggable.Collapse )

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