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REC- Fic: Romeo in Black Jeans by Musesfool
remussirius: wrecking ball
mypretty_art wrote in remussirius
<i>[submitted on behalf of lilah80]</i>:

Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: Romeo in Black Jeans
Author: musesfool
Word Count: 4,235
Rating: PG-13
Contains: wanking
Author's Website/Masterlist: HERE
Why I'm recommending this: I really could choose any one of musesfool's get-together fics, since they are all lovely. I chose this one because the scene quoted below makes me laugh like a loon.
"You didn't even use a silencing charm."

"Why should I? I haven't anything to be ashamed of. You made me hard and now I'm having it off. Going to think about you while I'm doing it, too."


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