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Fic: Boiling Point by anniesj
pavlablack wrote in remussirius
Theme: April: MWPP Get-Together
Title: Boiling Point
Author: anniesj
Word Count: 8415
Alternate Links to Fic:
Rating: NC-17
Contains: *Language, sexual situation*
Author's Website/Masterlist:
Why I'm recommending this: Remus & Sirius stuck in a boiler room all night with their raging hormones and feelings they are just starting to discover--what's not to love? It's horny teenage boys at their sweetest, sexiest, and funniest, with an annoyed but horny Remus and an endearing Sirius who won't take no for an answer.

Remus blinks. "Yes, Sirius?"

His eyes are wide, begging things. "Are you going to be mad at me all night?"

He hates that he does this. He hates that Sirius always has to ask, always has to use that terrible need-me voice that makes some inexplicable part of Remus tumble and cave, even when Remus wants nothing more than to just wash his hands with him and be done with it. But then Sirius will look up at him with those pitiful blue-slate eyes and make his voice soft and fragile ...

Remus sighs, feels himself melt. "Well, since I don't fancy arguing with you for the next seven hours, I guess not."

When Sirius grins and kisses him on the top of his nose, Remus feels himself turn pink and is briefly glad that the dark is there to conceal it.


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