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Fic: Undone by librae
HP - Sirius - Don't ask
theaeblackthorn wrote in remussirius
Theme: april, getting together
Title: Undone
Author: librae
Word Count: 4400
Alternate Links to Fic: skyehawke
Rating: NC-17
Contains: *sexual situations*
Author's Website/Masterlist: skyehawke
Why I'm recommending this: I absolutely love this fic, not only is it ridiculously hot, but there's something utterly adorable about the unsaid and implied things throughout it. The way Remus is absolutely ashamed of himself, and Sirius is most definitely up to something. Everyone just feels so in-character and it's such a different sort of getting together fic. There are feelings and worry, but they're not at the forefront, there's no long-term plans, they feel so much like the teenagers they are in this fic, it's fantastic.

By mid afternoon the sky had gone a dazzling bright grey. There were no storm clouds, no rain, but it was a freezing autumn day anyway and so nearly everyone was inside. Sirius had regained that lovely Saturday feeling that most people achieve by using narcotics. Everyone else, though, was mildly put off by him. Particularly Remus, whom Sirius took special trouble to torture by going on about various wankers and cock-ups of every description and color, and why was Remus studying so hard for exams that were still months off? Why'd he study so long?

Remus looked at him as though he were insane, which really wasn't far off.

"See anything good?" Sirius said, running his thumb along the edge of a convenient table, hoping for casual.

"S'just a history book," Remus mumbled. He had not blushed. Yet.

James was not speaking to either of them.

eeeek, did I do it right?


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