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FIC: Boys Keep Swinging by Midnitemaraud_r
remussirius: wrecking ball
mypretty_art wrote in remussirius
Submitted by jenesaispas21:

Theme: get-together
Title: Boys Keep Swinging
Author: midnitemaraud_r
Word Count: ~13,000
Alternate Links to Fic: - Fic
Rating: (Hard) R
Contains: *Remus getting caught in a compromising position*
Author's Website/Masterlist: Masterlist
Why I'm recommending this: This was the fic that brought me into the R/S fandom, full stop. Smart, witty, and that perfect balance of awkwardness. Also? HOT.

 Uncontrollable hormonal inclinations. That was one way of putting it. Another would be that his prick got hard every single bloody time he looked at Sirius, smelled him, heard his voice, or thought about him. Stupid hormones. Stupid bloody cock with no sense of propriety or shame—no real sense at all.
He sighed, shifting in his seat, his underpants feeling far too tight at the moment. He'd hoped that with Sirius gone, he'd be able to pass at least one day without thinking about him. Or at least an hour. One hour wasn't too much to ask for, was it?
He opened his eyes and looked at his watch: Fifteen minutes past eleven. Bugger. This day, this entire holiday, was just going to drag on endlessly.


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